AutoHostMe is being developed to broaden the options available to all players in the Web Hosting Industry. We believe in supporting the smaller operators by providing an affordable and functional Web Hosting Panel. More details will follow as this project grows.

This project will be coded in C++ on the backend and use JQuery and Bootstrap on the front end.

Official Development Began 2022
Project Development Progress (10%)

If you'd like to take part in Beta Testing for this project please email us at Note completion dates and times are not yet set, but we can report that development work has officially started. Development progress is limited at the moment due to parallel project AutoBillMe, which is being prioritised until it has reached its Beta release. So you can expect more activity on this project once AutoBillMe has been released. This website will be hosted from within a AutoHostMe installation once the project has reached that milestone. It will be the first public example of this new panel in operation.

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